Operating a Red Cross Shelter

If you are interested in becoming a Red Cross Shelter, forming a sheltering team, or have more questions, please contact Dmitry Bazykin by email at dmitry.bazykin@redcross.org.

Training Video

The Operating a Shelter just-in-time training focuses on the phases of the shelter cycle that happen inside each shelter: resourcing, opening, operating, and closing the shelter.

Operating a Shelter Checklist

This document provides a quick reference tool for American Red Cross shelter managers to open, operate, and close a Red Cross managed shelter. In the event that a trained shelter manager is not available or their arrival is delayed, an individual with little or no previous shelter experience should understand the critical tasks to be accomplished and be empowered to initiate action by following the sequence of items noted in this document. This checklist is not intended to serve as a replacement for the prescribed training and experience required to become a Red Cross shelter manager.


How to Use Your House of Worship in a Disaster

Your facility may be needed as a shelter, service center, warehouse, or volunteer staging area during a response and recovery operation. Adapting your facility in a
way that is consistent with your capabilities, and aligns with your mission and
other programs, takes advance planning and close coordination with emergency
management, human service networks, and public health officials.


Red Cross Shelter Downloads

Shelter Client Downloadables

Source: American Red Cross | www.redcross.org

COVID-19 Sheltering

Updated on February 20, 2021

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